About Rouyati




At first, it was “THE WORD” gathering in its essence and prospects a group of people sharing the same humanitarian vision, that lead them to work hard, to pursue and realize a merely humanitarian mission, according to legitimate legal systems, with the help of all those who God has put in, the spirit of sacrifice, love and offering.

rouyati-charity-foundation-lebanon-butterfly“Rouyati Charity Foundation” is “THE WORD” and the “PIVOT” is the Mission.

More than ten years ago, a group of people started working on a noble humanitarian mission, and they made every possible effort to hear out the cries of those in desperate need of medical, nutritional, financial, moral, social or cultural assistance, and offered as much help as their capabilities and possibilities allowed them.

After many years of personal and individual struggle, God willed to bring in together all these individuals under the framework of a complete integrated humanitarian vision, thus emerging the dawn of “Rouyati Charity Foundation” in a blessed and enlightened birth, with its humanitarian supreme and sublime mission.

On February 4th, 2009, “Rouyati Charity Foundation” was founded by nine members under the decree # 167, to be specifically a non-governmental and non-profitable charitable association, based on defending human rights without any discrimination. Its activities and services include all civilian categories.

In addition to its founding board, the foundation includes an active group of volunteers and kind-hearted loving benevolent individuals.