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“Rouyati’s” GOALS

“Rouyati Charity Foundation” mainly aims to build a strong community protected by the basic laws of justice among the members of society, through supporting and realizing what makes life easier on all levels: financial, moral, social, health, educational and cultural. In order to achieve that, the association seeks to:

    • Work on publishing charity and voluntary work, and reinforcing the concept of civil community and civil peace.
    • Publish the culture of human rights according to the international conventions with respect to all celestial laws.
    • Offer the financial, emotional, medical help and assistance to all those in need, the infirm and elderly people and to those with disabilities.
    • Fight against any social violence, especially against women, children, infirm and elderly people and individuals with disabilities.
    • Publish the concepts that help achieving the association’s goals through conventions, conferences and workshops as well as training sessions, and to publically announce them through all the visual, audible and written medias.
    • Collaborate in establishing charity institutions that help achieving the association’s goals including sheltering and nursing as well as health centers and others.
    • Develop any legal means that are consistent with the foundation’s goals.