Hand in Hand

We can do a lot





rouyati-charity-foundation-lebanon-colored-flapsA- The person shown in the logo represents a human being in need of care, affection, love and kindness, regardless of his age, color, nationality, religion or political orientation.

B- The spinal curvature of this person and his dark color both express the cruelty and unfairness of life that has turned him into a hopeless, curvature and worn-out individual, burdened by the worries of life, making him fragile, sad, and convinced that tomorrow will bring him nothing but the projection of yesterday’s misery and exhaustion.

rouyati-charity-foundation-lebanon-personageC- The bright colors of the wings represent the vision and goals of “Rouyati Charity Foundation”. For “Rouyati Charity Foundation” came along, to give this poor person the colorful wings of life, lifting him up from his dark color into the bright colors of hope, with all their interpretations and potentials:


The blue color represents the unconditional love that “Rouyati Charity Foundation” relies on, in order to show its complete care in action and work, for the sake of its brothers and sisters in humanity, who are in need for love, care, help, attention and charity.
The green color represents the solidarity of brotherhood, the contribution, and the heart-to-heart communication that is worthy of humanity in all its grace and glory.
The yellow color represents the joy of giving, of life, of hope and the faith in what tomorrow brings.
The red color represents the capability of “Rouyati Charity Foundation” of working hard and achieving all its charitable intentions and goals, for the sake and welfare of its brothers and sisters in humanity, with a red colored motivation, the color of the unconditional love.

As a whole, the logo represents the bond between the individual in need of care, love and help, and “Rouyati Charity Foundation”, which, with its love, support, care and defense for his/her human rights, was able to cover him/her with refined feelings and emotions, full of hope, faith, tranquility, stability, immunity, determination and resistance in order for him/her to face all the obstacles in life, firmly holding in his/her soul, heart, mind, and hand the torch of survival and continuity to be able to fight back the cruelty, tyranny and deprivation.