Below are several ways to make a donation. Every dollar donated to our general fund will provide immediate relief and vital services to the poor and less privileged people.
  • You can also make a direct donation, without contacting us, but please submit your name to the bank teller while making the donation, for our records only.

    SGBL Hamra: 007 004 369 605822 015

    IBAN LBP: LB 2600 19 0000 7001 369 605822 013

    IBAN USD: LB 9300 19 0000 7004 369 605822 015

For your donations, please call us +961 70 579 279

or email us:


Corporate Donations

Get involved occasionally

Any donation can draw a smile and raise a laughter.

Occasional donations are the simplest and easiest ways to give for a great cause. Big or small, your single donations will always fall in the place where it is needed the most. Be part of the fight against hunger and poverty.


Corporate Donations

Get involved on monthly basis

Monthly giving lets you spread your giving out throughout the year.

Becoming a regular donor is a simple and quick process.Choose the amount that you would like to donate on a monthly basis, choose the date you would like to have that donation done and just give us a call or email us to set it up. For further information you can email us on or give us a call on +961 70 579 279


Corporate Donations

Get involved on yearly basis

Help us serve and support those in need with your generosity and kindness.

Your yearly donations can help us reach our financial target which will provide us with the ability to help and care more for the less privileged left behind ones, in all aspects of their lives. Be our companion in fighting back and winning the battle over hunger and poverty


Corporate Donations

Get involved as a company

Corporate charity donations can come in many different forms, and there are many ways for companies and corporations to get involved through our Corporate Donations Program.

We’re always very grateful to every company who wishes to make corporate charity contributions to our work. Please send us an email to express your interest or to learn more about how your company can make corporate charity donations and join the fight to end poverty and hunger.


Donate Food & Clothes
Your donations of food and clothes will help transform lives! By donating goods, foods of all kinds and ranges, or clothing (new or in good condition) to our foundation, hence to the less privileged, you impact their precious lives with the best nutrients and clothing care and help us continue providing them with free daily meals at our free restaurant, 5 days a week.

We do not typically pick up donations, but if you are having difficulty delivering your donation, please call us to inquire about a pick-up.


Medical Donations

Donate medicines & equipment

Do you have a surplus of medical supplies or medical equipment that you would like to donate?

You can make a difference by donating those supplies to Rouyati Charity Foundation that will take them to distribute where they are most needed and put to good use. There are many people who are in possession of surplus medical supplies and don't know what to do with them. Don't throw them away or let them go to waste, they can be used by those less fortunate. Send us an e-mail or call us for more information.

For your donations, please call us +961 70 579 279

or email us: